• Did You Know About the Whistlepig?
    The Mountain Home Arts Council promotes creative works including producing a periodical issue of The Whistle Pig Literary Journal.* (*a whistlepig, for … Read more
  • Ghosts in the Desert
    The making of a novel, featured in IDAHO Magazine.
  • Futuristic, with a Twist
    Coming 12 September. Available for pre-order. Promise collects Christi Nogle’s best futuristic stories ranging from plausible tech-based science fiction to science fantasy stories … Read more
  • Test Your Lit-Wits
    The Cabin is hosting a Literary Trivia Night on Wednesday, 13 September. The cost is only $10 (discount for teams) and it … Read more
  • Brad Mathews
    He’s written 14 novels, mostly in the mystery and thriller genres. He’s also published two fantasy novels and is working on a … Read more
  • PETRICHOR is here – a new Idaho writers’ publication
    Margaret Koger has written to let us know that the group Boise Spoken Word will shortly be coming out with a new … Read more
  • Podcast: Murder in Idaho
    It’s called “Ghosts and Garnets” and at last count there were forty-three episodes running mostly around forty minutes. Who knew there was … Read more
  • Comic Creation Contest
    This information and the featured image from the Boise Public Library newsletter (which you should be subscribing to, if you’re in the … Read more
  • Nogle Wins, and a New Nomination
    We wish to acknowledge recent accomplishments of Idaho writer Christi Nogle* We add our earnest congratulations and best wishes! *profiled on our … Read more
  • Caldwell Book Store Closing
    According to the news reported at BoiseDev, Rediscovered Books’ Caldwell store will be closing. A date is not indicated, but BoiseDev suggests … Read more
  • Boise Writer in Residence
    Applications are open for emerging and mid-career writers to apply for a six-month residency in Boise, Idaho. The page on The Cabin’s … Read more
  • AI Copyright and Content Trolls
    We’ve highlighted the Writer Beware blog and website not that long ago. But it bears mentioning again as, being on their mailing … Read more
  • Bonnie Schroeder
    You’ll find her books in the Women’s Fiction section, which she defines thusly: [it] is generally defined as stories about a woman … Read more
  • Turn Back the Clocks
    Be careful what you wish for! From Ponce de León to Dorian Gray to Benjamin Button, the quest for eternal youth has … Read more
  • Hover Point
    When America’s most-celebrated TV newscaster begins broadcasting the nightly network news not from a major city studio but from a ranch in … Read more
  • The Last Dragonfly
    This epic teen fantasy is the newest release from E. G. Moore (and is specially priced for the next few days). Eragon … Read more
  • Idaho Writers Conference
    Reminder! There’s still time to register for this conference organized by the Idaho Writers Guild. It’s 19-20 May, with a special pre-conference … Read more
  • The South Dakota Beech Diet
    You Are What You Eat. Laura Jenski has released her fourth Motorhome Murder Mystery, “The South Dakota Beech Diet.” In this farcical … Read more
  • Along Came Cathy
    This book, releasing tomorrow, has a story all its own. First, the book: Paul has met Kate, and suddenly her life holds … Read more
  • Fifteen Forever
    As part of the Star, Idaho Writers Read program (which we recently posted about), Candy Priano will be reading from her completed … Read more
  • For Lani Forbes…
    The Treasure Valley writers’ community remember with sadness the loss of acclaimed YA author Lani Forbes in February 2022 at the age … Read more
  • Alert to Scams Since 1998
    Writer Beware® is a site rich in resources — all sponsored by the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association — but encompassing … Read more