Garden City Public Library

Today we hope to launch a new series, highlighting some of the many things — beyond miles of aisles of books — you might find at your local library.

Libraries are the beating heart of any city or town, an information hub like no other and with an agile flexibility that has weathered even our current COVID-19 pandemic, as the header image indicates: you can drive up and pick up your books — though many libraries are now open for browsing now as well.

The Garden City Public Library is located on Glenwood, near the Boise River. Their web address says it all: … they offer all those traditional stories and reference materials (physical as well as digital), but also a computer lab and meeting facilities.

And activities! Subscribe to their newsletter or follow their Facebook page to learn about a truly mesmerizing array of both:

Celebrate your local library today. If you’d like to see your library highlighted on our pages,  contact the IWU website editor.