Choose the Right Plot

Award-winning author Madeline Dyer will present a free presentation on “The Art of Narrative Structures: How to Choose the Right Plot for Your Story,” to be followed by a Q&A session. This is slated for Wednesday, 2 March beginning at noon (MT). (You must register to get the link.)

During this talk, you’ll learn a variety of narrative structures — so you can easily choose the right plot for your story. You’ll learn an array of options, including everything from the 3 act structure to the Hakawati. If you’ve ever wondered how to structure a full length book, this lecture is for you.

Preregistration is required.

Ms. Dyer writes YA thrillers, YA dystopians, poetry, personal essays, and memoir. As Elin Annalise, she writes adult contemporary and romance, featuring asexual characters. And as Elin Dyer, she writes YA fantasy, YA urban fantasy, and YA paranormal romance.

She also teaches six-week courses on narrative structures, YA dystopian novels, and several other topics.