Idaho Writers Conference a success

As we’d earlier mentioned, the Idaho Writers Conference, produced by the Idaho Writers Guild, was back with a bang this year. It looks like they already have a page in place ticking down the days to the 2023 conference.

This is a great opportunity for local and regional authors of all stripes, genres, publication methods, and levels of experience to meet, network, and learn from a slate of excellent presenters.

The IWG also conducts an annual writing contest which typically opens 1 January and closes around the end of March (so mark that on your calendar). We’d like to take a moment to recognize the winners of the contest as published in their monthly newsletter.

Page One Only

  • First Place: Wraith (Rick Just, Boise ID)
  • Second Place: Prairie Winds (Carol Kjar, Rapid City SD)
  • Third Place: The Dutiful Daughter (Sherry Briscoe, Boise ID)
  • Honorable Mentions: Fallout (Carrie Stuart Parks, Cataldo ID); Bay of Secrets (Carrie Stuart Parks, Cataldo ID); Forget Me Not (Michael Jacobson, Clark Fork ID); Stratos (Lani Forbes, Boise ID); RESCUE, The Adventures of Boatson Bill (William Baker, Eagle ID); Undo 22 (Jim Moore, Meridian ID); Nothingman (Vaughn Clark, Boise ID); With a Little Luck (Nancie Turner, Meridian ID); I Hold the Key (Nancie Turner, Meridian ID)

Short Story

  • First Place: Simon’s Train (Keely Walker, Meridian ID)
  • Second Place: The Rose Room (Eric Wallace, Eagle ID)
  • Third Place: Dorrie’s Last Story (Dorothy Read, Boise ID)
  • Honorable Mentions: Imagination and Curiosity (Michael Jacobson, Clark Fork ID); Generations (Carol Kjar, Rapid City SD); Sydney Pinkman Is My Friend (Frank Lester, Boise ID); The Tattoo (Frank Lester, Boise ID)

Novel, First 10 Pages

  • First Place: Bay of Secrets (Carrie Stuart Parks, Cataldo ID)
  • Second Place (tie): Stratos (Lani Forbes, Boise ID); When Knowing Comes (Kelly McConnell, Boise ID)
  • Third Place: A Million Ways to Die (Julie Howard, Boise ID)
  • Honorable Mentions: The Bane (Steven Dill, Eagle ID); Emma (Rick Just, Boise ID); All the After (Vicki Volden, San Jose CA); Klara’s Journey (Khaliela Wright, Viola ID)

Nonfiction Memoir/Essay

  • First Place: A Day (Rah Allison, Jordan Valley OR)


  • First Place: River People (Margaret Koger, Boise ID)
  • Second Place: Piano Recital (Lori Williams, Ketchum ID)
  • Third Place: Sixty Climbs for Sixty Years (Lori Williams, Ketchum ID)
  • Honorable Mentions: The Table (Crystle Lynn, Boise ID); June (Rah Allison, Jordan Valley OR); Oregon Coast (Lori Williams, Ketchum ID); Wagon Days (Lori Williams, Ketchum ID); Idaho Love Song (Lori Williams, Ketchum ID); I Know a Place (Lori Williams, Ketchum ID); Luna’s Lament (Celia Scully, Boise ID); How Falling in Love is Like Origami (Celia Scully, Boise ID); Civil Engineering (Vaughn Clark, Boise ID); Yet Another Memorial to Some Bleeping War (Vaughn Clark, Boise ID); Ah, Sugar Beets (Vaughn Clark, Boise ID); Submit (Barbara Olic-Hamilton, Boise ID)