Better, Faster

If you’ve not yet encountered Becca Syme (who’ll be at IWG’s 2023 Idaho Writers Conference, by the way), you have not yet been introduced to a paradigm shift that could have you completely rethinking how you’ve been doing things all along (and why they haven’t worked out as you’d hoped).

The 2023 Publish Better-Faster Digital Conference will take place Friday through Sunday, 3-5 March, and as it sounds, will be entirely online. Recordings will be provided if you get overwhelmed with all that’s on offer. Read more, in detail, here — and register today.

Day One

  • The Gold Rush is Over: Publishing Landscape Post 2023
  • How Strengths Get In Our Way
  • Scalable and Sustainable Businesses
  • Sustainability Archetypes

Day Two

  • How Strengths Impact Advertising
  • How Strengths Impact Promotion
  • Marketing for 2023
  • Write to Market Archetypes

Day Three

  • What’s Holding You Back?
  • Conquering Mindset For More Success
  • Conclusion (Next Steps)