For Lani Forbes…

The Treasure Valley writers’ community remember with sadness the loss of acclaimed YA author Lani Forbes in February 2022 at the age of 35. But here are two things to celebrate:

June 20

The Sun Still Rises, an anthology in memory of Lani Forbes, will release. (It’s available for Kindle preorder now.) This charity collection of YA fantasy stories celebrates the light found in dark places, just as Lani Forbes once embodied having hope in difficult times. Her spirit shines on through these beautiful, bittersweet tales full of fallen stars and fae princes, werewolves and magic wielders, samurai, and smoky skies.

Light shines brightest in dark places … A selfish empress slowly turns to gold. A highschooler’s hallucinations reveal a dangerous new world of Faerie. An outcast battles shadow demons to save her people from the plague.

With work from ten authors from around the valley and around the country.

August 15

Lani’s final book is Face the Night, available for preorder from Rediscovered Books and Amazon.

Relish this: On a harsh frontier where good and evil contend for people’s minds, a young woman must fight for her true identity in this scintillating YA fantasy from the author of the award-winning Age of the Seventh Sun trilogy.

Once, Catriona Macgregor led a charmed life. Daughter of a wealthy rancher, pretty and educated, she looked forward to all the world had to offer—until fate took a turn. Now family, home, and even her name have been stripped away. As “Black Cat Whitfield,” adopted daughter of an outlaw, she’s wanted by the authorities. It certainly wasn’t the destiny she imagined—especially as one of the Blessed.