Best Holiday Idea

Happy Jolabokaflod

Every family, group of friends, or even individual people have their favorite end-of-calendar-year holiday traditions. But one that has been accumulating more interest in recent years is the adoption of an Icelandic tradition: the Christmas Book Flood or Jolabokaflod.

It’s a bit of a natural that this tradition developed in this small and unique country, because stories have always been an integral part of Icelandic culture. (Sagas, anyone?)

Jolabokaflod is reportedly a newer tradition, dating from the mid-20th century.

It’s an easy tradition for you and your friends and/or family to establish:

  1. Buy books.
  2. Wrap them up.
  3. Exchange these gifts on Christmas Eve (or your own special festive day).
  4. Curl up with the books that evening, along with a cup of hot cocoa.