The Theme is: Tart

The Cabin has opened submissions to their annual anthology, which is always centered on a single word.

This year that word is TART.

Read more musings on the theme word, and study the guidelines for submitting your creative piece (poetry, fiction, nonfiction) on their submissions webpage. Deadline is 3 March 2024.

Submissions are “blind-judged by a local author of acclaim” which this year, as in recent years, will be a poet/nonfiction writer:

  • 2024: “Tart” – poet and nonfiction writer Meg Freitag
  • 2023: “Three” – poet Daniel Stewart
  • 2022: “Moon” – poet and nonfiction writer CMarie Fuhrman
  • 2021: “Rupture” – journalist Harrison Berry
  • 2020: “Apple” – essayist, short story and children’s book author Malia Collins