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dappling sunshine showing through cluster of trees near a wood fence

Boise poet Margaret Koger points us to a new collection being published by the Orenaug Mountain Poetry Journal: Whose Spirits Touch.

This collection features poems that appeared online each day in February 2024 as a part of the Orenaug Mountain Poetry Journal‘s love and relationships challenge. The poems in this book are about loving fully and openly and in deep respect for human nature. The poets are honest and real and rooted. In their honesty, they invite you into their experiences. This is how poetry builds community. (Margaret’s “A Midsummer Dream” is available online.)

The complete collection is currently available at Lulu.com and one will be able to purchase it through Amazon in the coming months.

Note: Submissions are always open at Orenaug Mountain Poetry Journal.

Top photo by Mark Daynes on Unsplash