Princess Mimi’s Magical Quest

close-up of book cover featuring a fairy princess with beautiful blue wings

A fairy princess’s coming of age adventure, Princess Mimi is the second in command of the Sapphire Fairy Clan of Cyan Castle. She is bullied for her small size, weight and underdeveloped wings. She gets separated from her clan during a forest fire and is dropped in a far away forest by a Peregrine Falcon. She is injured and must find her way to safety. Her journey is filled with fantastical friends, magic, and a battle with the dreaded red-hat smoke goblins. During the journey, Mimi’s wings transform to superior size and power and Mimi also grows in self-esteem.

Mimi’s journey teaches readers about diversity, the environment, nature and the dangers of ecological destruction. Separated from her clan, Mimi encounters magical beings, overcomes challenges, and learns to trust in her own abilities. The story, set in a magical world, deals with themes of self-esteem, courage, and belonging, appealing to young readers with its blend of adventure and emotional growth.

Visit author Julia Robinson’s website. The book is available on Amazon.