Read Newspapers @ Library

Yes, there are lots of newspapers and magazines to trawl through at your local library — but your library card may be your passport around those irritating paywalls, as well.

(A brief aside, recognizing that work deserves monetary compensation, including writers and responsible journalists, and the organizations they work for. All true. But we still are irritated by paywalls, aren’t we?)

Check with your local library to see if their services include subscriptions to magazines and periodicals such as: Idaho Statesman, Wall Street Journal, National Geographic, New York Times, and more.

If you’re in Boise, check out this page in the BPL’s Research and Learning section for what you might be able to access.

Photo by Alfons Morales on Unsplash

Sometimes, a Shepherd…

Remember when discovering a new book was always a fun experience? Any more, one feels battered by vendor advertisements or lost deep in the machine that is Goodreads.

Enter – now in beta, but eminently functional.

Tell me where else you could find human-curated (actually, author-curated) lists of:

Or browse by Wikipedia topic and find a treasure trove of books on friendship, China, or Magic-Supernatural, for example.

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