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It’s a midyear ‘out with the old and in with the new’ as IdahoSinC have shifted direction as of 1 June.

“Idaho Sisters in Crime” started up in January 2023 with the plan of establishing a local/regional chapter of the international Sisters in Crime organization, for writers of crime fiction, from procedurals to cozies.

After careful deliberation by its interim board, and having reviewed the results of their annual survey, the group will no longer seek affiliation, but will instead organize as a no-dues, in-person, and online presence supporting writers of “mystery” — which, of course, is a component of all good genre fiction.

Their first events in June include an in-person meet-up in Meridian on the 11th as well as a planned online Write-In or Sprints Session.

A Book Fair in October is also on the planning calendar.

Further information available at

Idaho Prison Historical Podcast

From the Idaho State Historical society’s newsletter comes the discovery of a longstanding podcast, “Behind Gray Walls,” covering stories from the Old Penitentiary:

…a podcast about Idaho history, true crime, and the stories of the inmates who lived here, written and produced by two employees of the Idaho State Historical Society, Anthony and Skye. Named after a biography written by inmate Patrick Charles Murphy,

Read more about it and catch up with the, at this count, more than 90 (!!) episodes they have in the can.

Soundcloud links are on that page, and it’s also available through your Spotify account. Episodes range from half an hour to nearly two hours.

Enjoy history!

Image copyright Idaho State Historical Society, from their website referenced above.

Plan Your Best Year

TH 11 January Zoom: AUTHORPRENEUR: Level Up the Business Side of Writing with Laurie Buchanan

When writing is treated as a business, a writer becomes a serious contender in magazines, newspapers, and on shelves in bookstores. In this interactive session, writers will learn what it means to be an authorpreneur and about the business side of writing. Attendees will obtain tips for avoiding burnout and feeling overwhelmed, processes for determining when to take business risks, managing cash flow better, stabilizing a writing business in a fluctuating industry, and managing your business efficiently.

This online meeting of the Idaho Sisters in Crime is open to any writers, regardless of genre, who want to start the new year right.

Register on Eventbrite for this online event. The Zoom link will be sent to you on the day of the meeting.

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A New Boise Book Faire!

The beginning of November saw a new event in the Treasure Valley: the Boise Public Library’s first annual Boise Book Faire.

As this page on the BPL’s website details, this was an opportunity for attendees to connect with talented local authors showcasing a broad variety of books in a range of genres. Authors were available for meeting and chatting with, and the Library had scheduled several 45-minute workshops.

Over twenty authors from throughout Idaho took part in this inaugural event:

Taylor Van Arsdale, LL (Laurie) Bower, E. N. Crane, Dena Parker Duke, Matt Edwards, Rebecca Evans, Taylor R. Gray, J. Guzman, Merri Halma, S. F. Harris, Margaret Koger, James T. Lambert, J. Brandon Lowry, Patricia Marcantonio, Brad Mathews, Bryan McBee, Christi Nogle, Brock Poulsen, Amy Maren Rice, Dawn R. Schuldenfrei, Nicole Sharp, Madi Vale, and Cindi V. Walton

Attendee and author-participant Margaret Koger passed along this, from organizer Josh Shapel: We had 23 authors attend the event, with just slightly over 200 attendees during the 4 hours it was open. The Library printed three holiday gift guides (for kids, teens, and adults), with book recommendations gathered from the staff. We considered it a successful first year and look forward to seeing it develop further in the future.

Writers and Readers: Calendar this new opportunity!

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Sometimes we need to pause to take care of ourselves. Below are two resources (both online, so very available); one for women veterans and the other for anyone who needs to pay attention to the effect on their body of being a writer.

Musings & Movement

Every month local authors Gayle Brandeis and Rebecca Evans conduct a free 30-minute online “mind and body connection to help inspire and care for the writer”. Register on Eventbrite.

All writing concerns the body on some level. Breath. Visceral response. Areas within our physical being that feel stuck, stretched, neglected. Our bodies hold story. Our bodies speak to us and often physical symptoms are worth creative and inner exploration. During this free monthly connection, Gayle Brandeis and Rebecca Evans will weave literary inspiration, prompts, and craft chatter with flexibility, strength, and empowerment tools, helping you arrive at your best. Plan on 30 minutes. Plan to take away a new tool each month that you can easily apply to your schedule.

Women Veterans Writing Community

The WVWC is the second Tuesday of each month in a virtual community. (The next meeting is Tuesday 14 November 7 p.m. MT.)

The goal of this community is to offer a safe space for female veterans, including non-binary veterans.

Rebecca leads instruction on craft and constructive feedback, along with generative exercises. The community creates an environment where participants can relate, feel heard, and are supported.

Contact Rebecca Evans (see bottom of her home page) for the Zoom link.

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Podcast: Murder in Idaho

It’s called “Ghosts and Garnets” and at last count there were forty-three episodes running mostly around forty minutes.

Who knew there was so much fertile ground for discussing murder in Idaho. But then, on the other hand…

Hat tip to the BSU/NPR newsletter for alerting us to this free podcast.

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AI Copyright and Content Trolls

We’ve highlighted the Writer Beware blog and website not that long ago. But it bears mentioning again as, being on their mailing list, I’ve found two recent articles of great interest:

  • Copyright, Contracts, and AI-Generated Material is a must-read for any author currently working. It’s a brief but thorough summation of where creators stand now as to copyright protection when their creations include material AI-generated.
  • When the Copyright Trolls Came for Me is for anyone with an online presence (website, social media, blog) who uses any images. Take a couple of minutes to read it and be forewarned.

And just in the last day they’ve pulled some Amazon-related scams out into the bright light of day.

We all get “too many” newsletters, but this is one that respects your time and provides invaluable, real-life information. A “sign up for updates” form is at the bottom of their website page.

Photo by Mark König on Unsplash

Alert to Scams Since 1998

Writer Beware® is a site rich in resources — all sponsored by the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association — but encompassing all genres. Are you an aspiring writer? They’ve got you covered. Are you querying agencies and/or publishers? They’re all over it.

Be sure to add this website to your bookmarks or favorites, and visit it regularly. It’s too easy for new or longtime authors to be taken in by the unscrupulous.

Topics covered include:

  • Contests and Awards
  • Copyright
  • Editors and Assessment Services (this has been hot lately)
  • Literary Agents
  • Self-Publishing
  • Small Presses
  • Vanity or Subsidy Publishers; Vanity Anthologies
  • Writers’ Services

Avail yourself of this resource. Don’t fall prey to a writer scam.