The Twisted Road

This new A. B. Michaels book (we just profiled her) is in pre-release at a reduced price! If you’re a fan of historical mysteries — this ticks all the boxes.

It’s difficult to run a law firm
when you’ve been arrested for murder.

1907: Rising from the devastation of a massive earthquake and fire, San Francisco is once again on the move. But a strike by streetcar drivers threatens to halt the Golden City in its tracks. Protests turn to violence and violence leads to death. Soon a young guard is convicted of willfully killing a protester and the public is out for blood.

Jonathan Perris, an immigrant attorney from England, has opened a law firm with an eye toward righting wrongs, and the guard’s conviction may fall into that category. But the talented barrister soon finds his newfound career shaken by a tragic event: the gruesome homicide of the beautiful and mysterious Lena Mendelssohn—a woman he’s been squiring around town.

Available at Amazon. Visit the author’s website for more.

Princess Mimi’s Magical Quest

A fairy princess’s coming of age adventure, Princess Mimi is the second in command of the Sapphire Fairy Clan of Cyan Castle. She is bullied for her small size, weight and underdeveloped wings. She gets separated from her clan during a forest fire and is dropped in a far away forest by a Peregrine Falcon. She is injured and must find her way to safety. Her journey is filled with fantastical friends, magic, and a battle with the dreaded red-hat smoke goblins. During the journey, Mimi’s wings transform to superior size and power and Mimi also grows in self-esteem.

Mimi’s journey teaches readers about diversity, the environment, nature and the dangers of ecological destruction. Separated from her clan, Mimi encounters magical beings, overcomes challenges, and learns to trust in her own abilities. The story, set in a magical world, deals with themes of self-esteem, courage, and belonging, appealing to young readers with its blend of adventure and emotional growth.

Visit author Julia Robinson’s website. The book is available on Amazon.

Iniquity … & a Crowdcast

The newest Sean McPherson will be here by the time you read this (launching 9 April).

Book Four in Laura Buchanan’s riveting series, here’s one review:

“Meticulously plotted, beautifully written, and explosive—Buchanan’s new Sean McPherson novel barrels along like a freight train. Iniquity delivers from beginning to end, a thriller that keeps you sitting on the edge of your seat. A must read!”

Jeffrey L. Diamond

Read more about it on Laurie’s website (including links to all your favorite online vendors).

And join her for a virtual launch event facilitated by Boise’s Indy Book Store: Rediscovered Books.

Date: Thursday 25 April

Time: Pacific (5-6 p.m.), Mountain (6-7 p.m.) Central (7-8 p.m.)

Register at

Poets & Poetry Collect

Boise poet Margaret Koger points us to a new collection being published by the Orenaug Mountain Poetry Journal: Whose Spirits Touch.

This collection features poems that appeared online each day in February 2024 as a part of the Orenaug Mountain Poetry Journal‘s love and relationships challenge. The poems in this book are about loving fully and openly and in deep respect for human nature. The poets are honest and real and rooted. In their honesty, they invite you into their experiences. This is how poetry builds community. (Margaret’s “A Midsummer Dream” is available online.)

The complete collection is currently available at and one will be able to purchase it through Amazon in the coming months.

Note: Submissions are always open at Orenaug Mountain Poetry Journal.

Top photo by Mark Daynes on Unsplash

One Eye Opened…

Publishers Simon & Schuster say: “Christi Nogle has established herself as a modern Ray Bradbury, this collection adds fantasy, slipstream, and fabulism to her canon.

This Idaho author is now publishing her third and final volume in a three-book short story collection series from the UK publisher Flame Tree Press.

The Best of Our Past, the Worst of Our Future focused on psychological and supernatural horror, Promise focused on dark science fiction and futuristic fantasy, and this latest book focuses on slipstream, fabulism, and dark fantasy. “The three books collect much of my short fiction from 2016 to 2022,” says Nogle.

Releasing 12 March 2024, read more about it and order from (links on that page to other online vendors) or preorder from your local independent bookstore.

Misbehaving at Cactus Lanes

“Hilarious and heartwarming — perfect for fans of Judy Leigh, Caroline James, Maddie Please”

Patricia Santos Marcantonio is back with bowling humor and sweet friendships in this new book releasing 15 February 2024.

Margaret Adams just buried her late husband but was widowed long before he dropped dead on the ninth hole at his beloved golf club. Now with children grown and her unhappy marriage over, Margaret goes in search of something, anything.

Enter Las Vegas’s bowling alley, Cactus Lanes. With its beautiful neon sign, legendary chili fries, and family spirit, stepping through the doors does more than put a smile on her face.

She discovers the friendships she’s always craved and a chance at a true love with bowling alley owner Frank Martinez. She also realizes the bowling lessons she learns apply elsewhere, namely how to choose her lane and strike with determination through life.

Available on Amazon.

Secrets Ever Green

The secrets were buried . . . until clues began to bloom.

Ivy Rune’s only goal is to pass her final exam and become an Arborist like her late father, even though she fears she’ll never be able to uphold his legacy. Just before her big test, Ivy discovers her father’s secrets . . . and they had nothing to do with the quiet life he led.

Suddenly, clues unspool from wood carvings and old journals, leading Ivy to the outskirts of town and straight to the Count’s forbidden castle. When Ivy uncovers a hidden world of magic, she and her best friend are unexpectedly altered. As they explore their new powers, Ivy realizes she is capable of much more than the simple life her father left for her.

Now Ivy must decide between inheriting her father’s Arborist trade or continuing to uncover the mystery he kept hidden. But uprooting the past might erase her father’s legacy and change the course of Ivy’s life forever.

Visit Sara Knightly’s website.

Purchase through your favorite online retailer.

Angelina Amalfi is Back!

USA Today bestselling author Joanne Pence again has rights to her much-loved Cook and The Inspector series featuring Angie Amalfi and San Francisco Homicide Inspector Paavo Smith….and she’ll be re-releasing them this year.

First is Death on a Silver Platter which just launched on Amazon. Plans per Joanne’s newsletter (which you should subscribe to) are to release ebook only on Amazon for a period of time and in print on all your favorite book retailers, with ebooks being available more widely later in the year.

Here’s the story on this book:

Angelina Amalfi, a gourmet cook who is also the assistant to a famous chef with his own television show, finds life a tasty treat. But her treat sours when her mentor’s last supper turns deadly and he’s poisoned in his own kitchen. Soon, Angie becomes the target of a ruthless assassin with his own hunger for violence.

San Francisco Homicide Inspector, Paavo Smith, who Angie considers a delectable dish, is given the case. But as the body count rises like dough on a hot day, Angie struggles to avoid becoming the main entrée on the killer’s plate. Angie and Paavo need to act fast. Can the two find some means to serve up justice, or will both end up skewered in this high-stakes culinary clash?