Your Jan/Feb workshops

The Cabin (Boise) has released their January and February 2022 workshops. There appears to be something for everyone, genre- and interest-wise. In addition, there’s a mix of online and in-person opportunities, depending upon your location and pandemic concerns.

Here’s a quick list. Visit their website for more details. Scholarships available.

Doerr @ Morrison Center

The Cabin has arranged its first in-person “Readings & Conversations” in nearly two years, and the author is none other than Anthony Doerr.

The tickets gain you access to either an in-person seat at the Morrison Center in Boise, or you can choose to live-stream it. Mark your calendar for Thursday, 13 January 2022. More details on The Cabin’s website, including a ticket sales link.

The Elpis Pages – a collective

Long ago, Pandora’s box opened to reveal a multitude of evils. Only hope was left behind. Her name was Elpis.

Visit the publisher’s website to learn more about this collection — released 10 December 2021, and available on Amazon — including work by:

  • JoAnn Koozer of Nampa
  • Margaret Koger of Boise
  • Eileen Earhart Oldag of Boise

Bringing together poetry, short stories, flash fiction, creative nonfiction, essays, and more from self-identifying women worldwide…