Transform your writing life

Online and in-person, 5-7 August 2022, the Willamette Writers Conference for 2022 is open for pre-registration on the conference website.

Whether on your own computer, or at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in downtown Portland, you’ll find workshops, keynotes, critiques and pitches, all aimed at helping you take that next step in your writing life.

Over 50 industry professionals will be joining us to share their expertise and knowledge of the publishing industry.

Strengths-based Writing

Calendar this date: Saturday, 2 April 2022. Zoom room opens at 12:30 with speaker’s presentation starting at 1 p.m. MT.

Surely, you’ve heard someone say, “this is how I found success with my writing” (or even, “you should do X to be successful as a writer”) and it may have made you want to try that tactic or that strategy. But will it work for you? Anyone can say, “this worked for me” and they may say, “it might not work for you” but they can’t tell you why. Becca can tell you why. Come to this presentation about using your Strengths in writing, and how you can become a better decision-maker in your writing career.

Becca Syme is Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach with a Master’s Degree in Transformational Leadership and a decade and a half of coaching. She’s coached more than 5000 individual writers in how to become the version of themselves that will find success in their writing career. Becca writes fiction and nonfiction and lives in the mountains of Montana where it is always winter and never Christmas.

Coeur du Bois (RWA’s local chapter) welcomes visitors to up to two free visits (before joining). To register and get the Zoom link, visit this page.