Alan Heathcock’s New Disaster

This looks so great. Heathcock has envisioned an American future riven with war and spectacle… (Yes, I’ve ordered my copy.)

Here’s the blurb:

In a future America ravaged by natural disaster, pandemic, and political unrest, a fundamentalist faction emerges. As the Novae Terrae gain power, enticing civilians with bread and circuses, a civil war breaks out between its members and the US government. —- Mazzy Goodwin, a young soldier, only wants to find her little sister, Ava Lynn. One day, she wakes in a bomb crater to find wings emerged from her back. Has she died? Been gifted wings by God? Undergone a military experiment?

Read the accolades on Alan Heathcock’s website then pick up a copy at Rediscovered Books or your favorite local or online book vendor. Not to be missed!

Follow the author on Twitter @alanheathcock

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