Angelina Amalfi is Back!

USA Today bestselling author Joanne Pence again has rights to her much-loved Cook and The Inspector series featuring Angie Amalfi and San Francisco Homicide Inspector Paavo Smith….and she’ll be re-releasing them this year.

First is Death on a Silver Platter which just launched on Amazon. Plans per Joanne’s newsletter (which you should subscribe to) are to release ebook only on Amazon for a period of time and in print on all your favorite book retailers, with ebooks being available more widely later in the year.

Here’s the story on this book:

Angelina Amalfi, a gourmet cook who is also the assistant to a famous chef with his own television show, finds life a tasty treat. But her treat sours when her mentor’s last supper turns deadly and he’s poisoned in his own kitchen. Soon, Angie becomes the target of a ruthless assassin with his own hunger for violence.

San Francisco Homicide Inspector, Paavo Smith, who Angie considers a delectable dish, is given the case. But as the body count rises like dough on a hot day, Angie struggles to avoid becoming the main entrée on the killer’s plate. Angie and Paavo need to act fast. Can the two find some means to serve up justice, or will both end up skewered in this high-stakes culinary clash?

Best Amigas

We’re pleased to announce that prolific storyteller Patricia Santos Marcantonio has recently released a book for middle grades.

Juana Méndez and Diane Conrad are going to save each other’s lives. Not with super heroics, but with a friendship that gets them through everything.

And those girls are always up to something–eating goat burritos on July 4th, sneaking up on a garage roof to watch a couple kiss and wonder about romance, and surviving the meanest kid in school.

Then another summer arrives, and ends in heartbreak and hope for the best amigas.

Available on Amazon.

Stories of Stage and Screen

Jodi Eichelberger’s first book of personal narratives takes you on a journey from the back alleys of his hometown in Boise, Idaho to the boards of Broadway. Since his career in the performing arts began as an itinerant puppeteer touring to schools, there has always been pressure to strive for bigger and bigger audiences.

But in this collection, Jodi focuses on situations involving a single viewpoint. These solo audiences might be in crowded contexts: a stage manager viewing an infrared monitor at a sold out Broadway show, a man whose job is to watch the showers at a geothermal pool in Iceland, or a praying mantis in a lilac bush. Through these stories we journey from the Pacific Northwest, to New York, to Iceland, and to a factory town in China.

The stories range from deeply personal to an insider’s view of popular entertainment Jodi worked on such as the Tony award-winning Broadway musical Avenue Q, the popular children’s television program Lazytown, and a below-ground view of the children’s television character Elmo in the feature film Elmo in Grouchland.

Available on Amazon.

Sun Valley Writers’ Conference

If you weren’t able to attend this prestigious event in August (which is already accepting registrations for SVWC2024!), you can still benefit by watching these recorded interviews — either:

On Fridays 1 December through 29 December, well-known host Marcia Franklin will interview: Dr. Abraham Verghese, Hernan Diaz, David Grann, Andrea Elliott, and Mohsin Hamid.