Idaho Writers Update (IWU) is interested in receiving:

  • Names (or pen names) of independently, traditionally, or hybrid published living Idaho authors. Include your website address (URL) or, if not available, your Facebook or Amazon Author page for the Idaho Authors page.
  • Authors for more Idaho Author Interviews. Are you a published author living in Idaho? Download these instructions and questions so we can learn more about you and your work.
  • Book launches. Idaho authors who’ve published recently or have upcoming releases. Send a link to your book’s website page and/or Amazon (etc.) listing page.
  • Writers Groups. Are you listed on our Regional Writers’ Organizations page? We’d like to start a new feature, profiling you, in appreciation for the support you provide to the writing communities throughout the state. Download these instructions and questions for groups.
  • Calls for submissions. Idaho and regional publishers, please provide information including a link to your website’s page announcing the open call.
  • Other events and activities of interest to Idaho writers and those who work with or are interested in them.

And introducing: short articles

Idaho Writers Update continues to expand our scope as we endeavor to be a useful resource to our audience. Who is our audience? It’s primarily Idaho authors (published and pre-published). A secondary audience includes Idaho publishers, booksellers, librarians, teachers, and readers.

Do you have something useful, supportive, instructive, and/or exciting to say? If so, we’re interested.

Send your submissions to the email address above. Please comply with the guidelines/ requirements listed below. 

  1. The article should be useful to our demographic.
  2. Use the phrase “article submission” somewhere in your subject line.
  3. Keep your article between about 500 and 1000 words in length.
  4. We don’t anticipate editing your work (except the title, if needed, for brevity or clarity). Please take the time to edit your work before sending it in.
  5. Submit articles as an attached DOC or DOCX file. Use the Shunn Manuscript Format (even though you’re submitting a nonfiction article and not a fictional story).
  6. Articles that are thinly veiled sales pitches won’t be accepted — for example, “10 Things Writers Should Remember”…but you’ll have to buy my book or sign up for my class to learn more. However, you’re welcome to link to your website or social media, so our readers can find and follow you, should your article prove useful.
    TLDR: just don’t be overtly “sell-y”.
  7. Include a 500-100-word bio in the body of your email. If you publish using a pen name, you can request we use that name for the article (but please let us know your legal name). You can also add a list of your available books and a photo.
  8. We’re not able to pay. This is more in the manner of a guest blog post. You’re just giving us license to one-time usage of your article. And of course articles that, among other things, are defamatory, promote illegal activities, or are designed to provoke person-hate will not be accepted for publication.

Submission doesn’t guarantee that your item will be published. Also note that your website editor is a volunteer and will follow up as quickly as possible. Clearly indicate near the top of your email if you’re hoping for publication by or around a certain date.