Libraries in Danger

Here’s how it’s going with that foot-in-the-door approach to quashing one of the oldest institutions in our country, the public lending library. (ref: the Franklin collection as the first public library in the United States)

  • Boise’s Public Library is updating their system to deal with complaints in compliance with the new law. (Despite the assertions of the supporters of the law, most or all libraries had processes in place to deal with ‘offensive’ material.)
  • Donnelly’s Public Library, however, will shut their doors to the under-18s since they’ve not the size to deal with the logistical implications of compliance. Under-18s will only be admitted when in the company of a parent.

After a review, if the library disagrees with moving the material, the person filing the complaint can sue for $250 in damages. Complaints can be filed by anyone and the law applies to any community schools in Idaho, as well as those in public and private schools.

The law goes into effect 1 July 2024.

Photo by Chris Karidis on Unsplash