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TH 11 January Zoom: AUTHORPRENEUR: Level Up the Business Side of Writing with Laurie Buchanan

When writing is treated as a business, a writer becomes a serious contender in magazines, newspapers, and on shelves in bookstores. In this interactive session, writers will learn what it means to be an authorpreneur and about the business side of writing. Attendees will obtain tips for avoiding burnout and feeling overwhelmed, processes for determining when to take business risks, managing cash flow better, stabilizing a writing business in a fluctuating industry, and managing your business efficiently.

This online meeting of the Idaho Sisters in Crime is open to any writers, regardless of genre, who want to start the new year right.

Register on Eventbrite for this online event. The Zoom link will be sent to you on the day of the meeting.

Photo by ali elliott on Unsplash

AI Copyright and Content Trolls

We’ve highlighted the Writer Beware blog and website not that long ago. But it bears mentioning again as, being on their mailing list, I’ve found two recent articles of great interest:

  • Copyright, Contracts, and AI-Generated Material is a must-read for any author currently working. It’s a brief but thorough summation of where creators stand now as to copyright protection when their creations include material AI-generated.
  • When the Copyright Trolls Came for Me is for anyone with an online presence (website, social media, blog) who uses any images. Take a couple of minutes to read it and be forewarned.

And just in the last day they’ve pulled some Amazon-related scams out into the bright light of day.

We all get “too many” newsletters, but this is one that respects your time and provides invaluable, real-life information. A “sign up for updates” form is at the bottom of their website page.

Photo by Mark König on Unsplash

Alert to Scams Since 1998

Writer Beware® is a site rich in resources — all sponsored by the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association — but encompassing all genres. Are you an aspiring writer? They’ve got you covered. Are you querying agencies and/or publishers? They’re all over it.

Be sure to add this website to your bookmarks or favorites, and visit it regularly. It’s too easy for new or longtime authors to be taken in by the unscrupulous.

Topics covered include:

  • Contests and Awards
  • Copyright
  • Editors and Assessment Services (this has been hot lately)
  • Literary Agents
  • Self-Publishing
  • Small Presses
  • Vanity or Subsidy Publishers; Vanity Anthologies
  • Writers’ Services

Avail yourself of this resource. Don’t fall prey to a writer scam.

Better, Faster

If you’ve not yet encountered Becca Syme (who’ll be at IWG’s 2023 Idaho Writers Conference, by the way), you have not yet been introduced to a paradigm shift that could have you completely rethinking how you’ve been doing things all along (and why they haven’t worked out as you’d hoped).

The 2023 Publish Better-Faster Digital Conference will take place Friday through Sunday, 3-5 March, and as it sounds, will be entirely online. Recordings will be provided if you get overwhelmed with all that’s on offer. Read more, in detail, here — and register today.

Day One

  • The Gold Rush is Over: Publishing Landscape Post 2023
  • How Strengths Get In Our Way
  • Scalable and Sustainable Businesses
  • Sustainability Archetypes

Day Two

  • How Strengths Impact Advertising
  • How Strengths Impact Promotion
  • Marketing for 2023
  • Write to Market Archetypes

Day Three

  • What’s Holding You Back?
  • Conquering Mindset For More Success
  • Conclusion (Next Steps)

Alexa Rose Artist Grant: OPEN

The 2022 Artist grant cycle for artists in Idaho’s Ada and Canyon counties is now open. Applications are FREE and can only be accepted through 30 May.

Several writers receiving our newsletter have received grants in the past.

Grants take the form of awards of $500 to $5000 and can be used toward travel, education, workshops, artistic tools, and more.

Read about it on the Alexa Rose Foundation website.

Your Writing Career

Past – Present – Future is a three-part seminar, part of the Sisters in Crime SinC Into Great Writing series, during which they’ll discuss the topic from different angles. From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (MT) on Saturday, 5 March 2022.

Free to Sisters in Crime members. $25 for non-members.

The seminar includes three panels:

  • Things I Wish I’d Known: Jennifer J. Chow, Jennifer Hillier, Ausma Zehanat Khan , moderated by Wanda M. Morris
  • Publishing in the Present Tense: Michelle Addo, Jenny Chen, Samantha Fabien, moderated by Kellye Garrett
  • Structures for Success: Gigi Pandian, Alex Segura, moderated by Sandra S.G. Wong

Registration required. Read more about it.

Mexican Gothic : From manuscript to marketplace

The Authors Guild is presenting Silvia Moreno-Garcia in conversation with Ashleigh Heaton, Julie Leung, and Eddie Schneider on the ever-relevant topic of marketing for authors. Learn more about the book, the author, and the panelists — and sign up.

“Designed with an audience of fellow writers in mind, From Manuscript to Marketplace offers candid conversations about the current realities of publicity, social media, virtual events, working with agents and editors, and more.”

The Zoom meeting requires registration but is free. It begins at 4 p.m. 15 December 2020.