Hailey, Idaho Murder Mystery

Idaho author Julie Weston has a book presentation at 5:30 p.m. MT on Thursday, 2 February, at the Hailey Public Library. The book: MOON BONES, a Nellie Burns and Moonshine Mystery, the 5th in the series.

A book signing will follow.

The death of a Chinese man leads photographer Nellie Burns and Sheriff Asteguitoiri to Vienna, a ghost town in the Stanley Basin in 1920’s Idaho. Sammy Ah Kee, who taught Nellie to drive, found the man’s body and is accused of killing him.  With the help of Nellie’s dog Moonshine, they discover a conspiracy dedicated to enslaving Chinese immigrants. 

Find the book at Bookshop.org (supporting your local bookshop), Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.

And Dad’s a Vampire?!

Great lesson: sign up for your local public library’s newsletter! This is how I learned about a Book Release Party for LUMBERJACKULA, a hilarious middle-grade story about a boy with a lumberjack mom, a vampire dad — a boy who just wants to be a dancer.

The event is Tuesday 19 July 2022 from 3 – 5 p.m. MT in the William F. Hayes Memorial Auditorium in Boise’s Main Library downtown with help from Rediscovered Books. Read more about it on the Library!’s website.

Author Mat Heagerty and his family moved to Boise in the fall of 2021. You can read this interview on IdahoPress.com … or visit Mat’s website.

As you can see from the header graphic, this isn’t Mat’s first book — just his most recent, and we look forward to many more!

Doerr @ Morrison Center

The Cabin has arranged its first in-person “Readings & Conversations” in nearly two years, and the author is none other than Anthony Doerr.

The tickets gain you access to either an in-person seat at the Morrison Center in Boise, or you can choose to live-stream it. Mark your calendar for Thursday, 13 January 2022. More details on The Cabin’s website, including a ticket sales link.

Linda Paul — Choose something daunting

My Life With an Enigma: Unscrambling the paradoxes of an iron-willed romantic was published in November 2019. It is available at Rediscovered Books Caldwell, most likely shelved with local authors or biographies. The book can also be ordered at Rediscovered Books Boise, Bookshop.org, and is available at the Boise Public Library. The book and e-book are available from a variety of online stores and platforms at Books2Read, Barnes & Noble as paperback or Nook; and Amazon

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Sherry Briscoe — Support each other along the way

In our online interview with author Sherry Briscoe, she stresses the importance of authors finding a support system and supporting each other along the way.

Sherry primarily writes mystery thrillers. Recently, she’s begun to switch focus and is developing some women’s fiction projects that include subplots of suspense and romance.

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Patricia Marcantonio — An eclectic kind of writer

Patricia Marcantonio truly is an eclectic kind of writer.

She’s written Victorian mysteries, a courtroom drama, a graphic novel, a children’s book, and been featured in a horror anthology, among other subjects.

She’s just finishing up a romance novel and a horror mystery. She also writes plays and screenplays.

I just love storytelling no matter what form it may take.

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Julie Weston – Letting my imagination run free

Julie Weston’s books include the three Nellie Burns and Moonshine Mysteries:

  • Moonshadows
  • Basque Moon
  • Moonscape

She’s also written a memoir, The Good Times Are All Gone Now: Life, Death and Rebirth in an Idaho Mining Town.

Her most recent project is a coffee table book, the stunningly beautiful The Magical Universe of the Ancients: A Desert Journal, a co-creation with photographer Gerry Morrison.

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